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Pet Dog Bite Resistant Cotton Rope Toy Ball

Healthier and happier, dogs chew these rope toys to clean their teeth, massage their gums and relieve stress to protects their health.With all kinds of cute toys, your pet friends will never be bored! Very suitable for puppies and small dogs.

Screaming Chicken Pet Toy

  • Durable and quality: The screaming chicken is cover with soft velvet cloth, when dog play it with mouth,the cloth is helpful to clean their tooth, reduce dirt of tooth and keep the tooth health.
  • The toy have a cute chicken shape, will attract pets to play with it easily.
  • Reduce stress: When pet bite with it, it will yell ,reliever boring mood for the pets.
  • Pets will love to rest or sleep with it, a good companion that will brings a sense of security for pets.
  • The hilarious sound will provide entertainment for your pet and family.